My PlayStation Is A Brand New PSN Web Version For PC, Smartphone And Tablet


Sony just launched a new web version of PSN, called My PlayStation. The platform is now available for PC, smartphone, and tablet, and basically allows you to have access to all the functionalities you’d usually have in the PlayStation app for smart devices.

Thanks to the website, “”, you can check your friend’s list, view your Trophies, search for friends and respond to friend requests, while also updating your profile and sending messages.

My PlayStation Is A Web Version of PSN

At this moment, the website has been officially presented only by PlayStation Japan but is also available to everyone else in the PSN territories like Europe (here I am!) and North America: it’s even already localized, and in my case, it features Italian writings all over the place. So feel free to check it out now.

Of course, it’s nothing essential, but it’s a neat feature and possibility in case you are a very social type of gamer. I’d prefer something to control my downloads in real time like I do with videos while uploading on YouTube, but that’ll probably come at a later stage whatsoever.

Let us know what you think of it and if you’ll use it along with your path as a PS4 player.