Naughty Dog Reportedly Casting For A New Game With An Adult Black Male Protagonist


According to a new rumor, Naughty Dog is already casting for a brand new game. The developer is most likely split into two different teams now, as it keeps working at full speed on The Last of Us Part II.

The second team would probably be the one which has usually been doing Uncharted games. While we don’t know whether this game could be another, Nathan Drake-free Uncharted, we have several clues about what it could be like.

Naughty Dog Casting

“Naughty Dog (developers of the Uncharted series and The Last of Us) are working on a new secret project which they are currently casting for in LA,” says the rumor coming from Twitter user Daniel D, which has been posted on ResetEra.

“The lead of the game (or at least one of the leads) they are casting for is “A Black/African American male. 40’s to 60’s, short to medium length hair with a body type similar to those in the reference images below. Strong but not chiseled.”

So, this game, which could be in the making at the Uncharted dev team, could have a black/African American male lead in his 40-60s and with medium length hair. Sure it looks like a departure from previous Naughty Dog main characters.

And sure it looks like, if we’re getting The Last of Us Part II in a couple years from now, this project could be coming to next-gen PlayStations right away, whether it’s a new Uncharted or not.