Nessa Is Pokemon Sword and Shield’s New Water Type Gym Leader, and The Fan Art Is Already Flowing


During Nintendo Direct, broadcast yesterday as part of E3 2019, the world got their first glimpse of Nessa, the new Water-type gym leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Little is known about her at the moment, but we did get to see her start a battle with a Dynamax Drednaw. Lucky E3 2019 attendees will be able to battle her as part of the show floor demo of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Nessa is already becoming a fan favorite if the sheer speed at which people are producing fan art is any indication. The character design seems to be making people fall in love with the character. There is some obvious inspiration in the design from the sleek look that swimmers will often have, and the flotation devices on her shoes seem to be adding that kind of quirk that all good character design will have. We are already seeing tonnes of memes, fanart, and general excitement about the character, but I have collected some of my favorite fan art below.

For the first image, probably the best quality fan art I have seen yet. I have no idea how people can produce high quality work like this so fast.

I find this to be the best explanation of how Nessa’s flotation devices work. Not practical for most of us, but I doubt a water-type gym leader has any issue with them.

Above you will see a comprehensive summary of how Nessa is disrupting a lot of Pokemon Trainers tier-lists.

This one shows Nessa ready for her next challenger, and I love the sense of action and motion in the picture.

The comics are starting to flow as well, and are as charming as you would expect.

And finally, a nice portrait of Nessa and her Dreanaw. All this fanart is just the tip of the iceberg, and I am sure we will be seeing a whole lot more over the coming months. Hopefully, we also get a chance to learn more about Nessa, her character and her history.