Netflix announces Tekken Bloodline starring Jin Kazama

The Netflix series will be based on Tekken 3.

Screenshot via Netflix

Netflix surprised Tekken fans with the announcement of Tekken Bloodline, a 3D animated series starring Jin Kazama. The series will be based on Tekken 3 and will focus on the events of how Jin loses his mother to the monstrous Ogre. He then goes to train with his grandfather Heihachi Mishima. The series plans to release sometime in 2022.

The trailer showcases Jin’s early days’ training under his mother before the arrival of the Ogre. Then the trailer reveals scenes with Jin’s training with Heihachi. The trailer also has brief glimpses of classic Tekken characters like Paul Phoenix and King. It’s unknown how long the series will be or if the series will cover more than just the story of Tekken 3.

Bloodline wouldn’t be the first Tekken anime feature. There was a Tekken: The Motion Picture starring Jin’s father Kazuya that was released in 1998. Bloodline, in a way, can be seen as a sequel to that original Tekken anime, as The Motion Picture ended with Jin as a child. There was also the 3D animated movie, Blood Vengeance, released in 2011.

Two critically-panned live-action Tekken movies were also released in 2009 and 2014 respectively. The 2009 Tekken movie also starred Jin, played by actor Jon Foo, whereas the follow-up move was a prequel called Kazuya’s Revenge and starred Jin’s father.