Netflix Has Done a “Masterful Job” on The Witcher Series, Critics Say


The Witcher Netflix series is already being watched and judged by critics, and the first comments are rather enthusiastic.

While the embargo on full series’ reviews is still on, critics have been allowed to spread comments on social media, and these early opinions are particularly positive about the quality of the work done by Lauren S. Hissrich’s team.

Multiple journalists have expressed their comments about how good the first sword fighting scene is, and how, perhaps unexpectedly to many, Henry Cavill has proved worthy of the title of ‘Witcher.’ The first two episodes are also said to be able to move you to tears and make you laugh, confirming the intense tone of the series.

Overall, it’s being reported that the team at Netflix has done “a masterful job” in porting Andrzej Sapkowski’s books over the small screen. We’re told that the show is very “well-cast,” which might be especially important if you consider that choices for leading roles sparked controversy among fans.

You can check more impressions from the critics in this dedicated thread on Reddit, where a fan of the show has gathered several additional comments that should give you a better idea about the quality of Netflix’s The Witcher.

If you’re a fan of the games, it’s worth remarking that the show is not based on the CD Projekt RED’s titles and that they have not been asked to support in any manner the making of the series. They’ll tell a slightly different story, and this is a good reason why, for example, Ciri is played by such a young actress.

The show airs on December 20, 2019, for Netflix subscribers.