A New Alien Game Will Be Bursting Forth… Eventually


You can’t keep a good Xenomorph down, that’s what my alien hunting grandpa always said. He’d sit on the porch and polish his flame thrower and tell us stories of the olden days, when the invaders came and humanity had to fight to survive. We would pack him off to an asylum a short time later.

In less made up news, a new game set within the Alien universe has been confirmed to be in development. The news comes from an interview between Aaron Loeb, the man in charge of games at Fox, and the website GamesIndustry. FoxNext Games, a new branch of multi-media giant Fox, have the license for Alien related games. The game itself will be developed by Cold Iron Studios. This is where it gets interesting, as Cold Iron Studios were established in 2015 but have yet to release a game themselves. They are a small team with big experience though, having individually worked on some big MMOs, and titles like Bioshock, Borderlands and Doom.

Over the years we have had some ups and downs with Alien games. Alien: Isolation by Creative Assembly proved to be deftly made, and perfectly plumed the franchise’s horror leanings. Meanwhile, Gearbox’s Alien: Colonial Marine was a disaster, to put it politely.

Information about the new game is thin on the ground at the moment. We only know that it will allow players to explore parts of the universe that we have not had the chance to poke around in yet. We also know it will be a shooter game, but that is it. No release date, no idea of tone or mechanics, or anything like that.

I’d love to tell you I have learned harsh lessons about excitement with little information to inspire it, but the Alien franchise is one of my favorites, so I certainly hope this ends up being an enjoyable game.