New Anthem Update Releasing Tomorrow

The next update for BioWare’s Anthem will launch tomorrow, April 23.

News of the latest Anthem update comes from Andrew Johnson, global community lead for the game, on Twitter. Johnson wrote that update 1.1.0 will drop on April 23, bringing “the new Stronghold and various other game improvements and fixes” to Anthem. He also wrote that the detailed patch notes and an update on the 90-day calendar will release tomorrow as well.

Johnson continued in his Twitter thread to explain that the update would go live after EA’s scheduled maintenance on Anthem servers, which is currently scheduled for tomorrow from 12-5pm UTC.

The developers have a livestream scheduled after the update goes live, which should show off the new Stronghold, called The Sunken Cell. This livestream comes several days after a broken fiber line in BioWare’s Austin studio made it impossible for the team to stream a preview of the patch on April 17, as planned. While the stream will no longer act as a sneak peek of an unreleased patch, it is planned for a 3 pm CT start and will give players an opportunity to see update 1.1.0 in action without playing it themselves.

BioWare has patched Anthem multiple times since its rocky release in February when critics panned the game for issues including repetitive gameplay, a lack of polish, and excessively long load times.

H/T: Kotaku