New Astral Chain Details and Gameplay Revealed | E3 2019


At today’s Nintendo Direct, we got another look at Astral Chain, the stylish action game from the king of the genre, Bayonetta creator Platinum Games. Astral Chain is set for an August 30 release on Nintendo Switch.

In Astral Chain, you play as a member of Neuron, a Men in Black-like police force formed to protect human from a mysterious alien threat that suddenly begins attacking Earth. You’ll hit the streets to put your police skills to the test in investigating the cause of the alien attacks, then do your best to eradicate them. In combat, you also control a “living weapon” called Legion to pull of some pretty spectacular attacks.

This trailer showed a lot more narrative than previous glimpses we’ve gotten. We saw the headquarters of Neuron, and the trailer was narrated by a man who is presumably Neuron’s director. According to his narration, a new kind of creature called a Chimera has emerged. The Legions that you use to fight with in the game are actually created by capturing these Chimeras and binding them to your character. It seems like a lot of the game’s story will center around the danger of using these creatures’ power to fight.

Astral Chain was first announced during another Nintendo Direct event in February with a flashy trailer that showed off the basics of the game. At this year’s presentation, we got a look at some incredibly intense battles with massive foes. We saw skyscraper-sized monster, a giant wolf, and a red-armored foe with a giant sword.

Astral Chain’s design team is packed with heavy hitters like manga artist Masakazu Katsura, Nier:Automata designer Takahisa Taura, and Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya.