A New BioShock Game is Reportedly in Development


A new, unannounced BioShock game is allegedly underway, according to a report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

The news comes from a larger in-depth report by Schreier on Hanger 13, the California developer behind Mafia III. The studio, which is part of BioShock publisher 2K Games, is reportedly envious over developers from a “top-secret studio next door,” where employees are working on “an unannounced new BioShock game,” according to the report.

“Next door, a small group of people were working on a project code-named Parkside, quietly recruiting from across the video game industry for a game so secret, they wouldn’t even tell their colleagues at Hangar 13 about it,” Schreier writes. “Word got out, though, that it was in fact a new game in one of the most interesting shooter franchises of the past decade: BioShock.”

The report also claims the reportedly upcoming BioShock game’s development led to some tension from Hanger 13, as employees wondered why they weren’t involved. This is partly because the allegedly unannounced BioShock game, which is codenamed “Parkside” and being designed “with the familiar Unreal engine,” isn’t quite ready for a large development team.

“The issue is that Parkside’s not ready for lots of people,” one anonymous source told Schreier. “They’re trying to be really smart about figuring out what the core thing is. They’re careful about not falling into the same problem every studio has, where they have too many people and nothing for them to do.”

It’s unclear for now what the reportedly new BioShock will look like and what role 2K’s other development teams will play in creating the game. Even its codename raises more questions than answers about what the title will look like when it’s announced. In the meantime, E3 2018 is just two months away, and there may be more information available about the title once the expo starts.

Read the full Kotaku report on Hanger 13 here.

H/T Kotaku