Call of Duty: WWII’s patriotic community event, Liberty Strike, begins today

Another community event is underway in Call of Duty: WWII, and this one has a rather patriotic theme in time for the Fourth of July.

The Liberty Strike community event kicked off earlier today, introducing a slew of new weapons and in-game cosmetic items.

Each Division will be getting their own, unique jingoistic uniform as a part of this event. Four new weapons are also being introduced to WWII: the ZK-383 submachine gun, the De Lisle sniper, the AVS-36 rifle, and the Push Dagger melee weapon.

While brief, the trailer provides some information for each of these weapons. The ZK-383 SMG has two firing modes, and the De Lisle sniper has a built-in suppressor. The AVS-36 gets the nickname “Russian widowmaker” with a very fast reload time, while the Push Dagger (as the name suggests) is an extremely small, but deadly knife.

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The Liberty Strike community event is also adding a Wanderlust Moshpit playlist. Wanderlust is one of the recent Basic Trainings added to WWII on June 26—it gives players the ability to spawn in with a random gun that has up to six attachments. Similar to the Basic Training, players will get a new weapon every time they spawn or try to switch their gun.

A new community challenge has gone live to go along with the Liberty Strike event. Players will try to fill up a meter by winning matches in the hopes of unlocking five rare rewards, such as a M1 Garand weapon variant with an American flag paintjob.

If it’s way too hot for a BBQ this week, WWII players and fans will have a lot to look forward to in the Liberty Strike community event, which will be available until July 24.