New Details on The Division 2 Heartland: Setting, classes, enemies, and more

Extracting more info from the Heartland.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has been relatively tight-lipped about its free-to-play spin-off title, The Division: Heartland. The company’s earnings call in October 2021 noted that the title moved to a 2022-2023 release window, and we reported on closed gameplay test leaks back in November. Still, it wasn’t until recently that anything solid came out.

In a piece for Xfire, Tom Henderson revealed a bevy of new details about Heartland, including its setting, classes, modes, and hub area.

Heartland’s core gameplay revolves around the Storm and Excursion modes, both akin to Escape from Tarkov. Excursion is a pure PvE mode against bots, and Storm — the main attraction — is PvEvP like Tarkov. The goal in both is to loot the massive Silver Creek map for gear then extract yourself to a base of operations. Players are on a time limit caused by a deadly airborne virus that spreads from locations across Silver Creek rather than from the edges of the map like a traditional battle royale.

Daily and weekly missions, called “projects,” are available at the base of operations and an abandoned ice rink. Plus, players can upgrade weapons and gear, sell unwanted items, and buy new equipment. There are also “Prep Items” to craft, which modify or assist with expeditions into Silver Creek.

There are three character classes to choose from. The Weapon Expert can mark enemies and provide armor to teammates. The Medic recovers health while in cover and heals nearby allies. The Survivalist is all about improving the looting experience and can highlight nearby loot caches for both themselves and teammates.

Players will face off against AI enemies called Vultures, which come in six types that use different tactics and have different attributes. The real threat, of course, will be other players in the Storm mode, but it appears the Excursion mode is all about preparing for the more competitive Storm.