New Elder Scrolls Online expansion High Isle details, release date revealed

A new force threatens to engulf Tamriel in war.

Image via Bethesda

Zenimax Online has revealed the newest expansion to Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, launching June 6th on PC and Mac and June 21 on Xbox and Playstation. The chapter, subtitled Legacy of the Bretons, will focus on Breton lore, which is something that hasn’t truly been explored in the Elder Scrolls franchise before. High Isle will feature plenty of new content, including a new area and storyline focused on political intrigue — so if you missed the livestream, we’ve got the details for you below.

First up, the Spanish localization will be live in June 2022. Spanish players were first told about the localization in 2021 but were not given a firm release date before the announcement.

Image via Zenimax

Next up, details about High Isle. High Isle is located north of Summerset in the Systres Archipelago — a location that hasn’t been mentioned in Elder Scrolls more than once. The island chain features expanded lore for the Breton race and a look at how the area has handled the Three Banners War. High Isle is a high fantasy setting that resembles feudalism from the 18th century — featuring nobles and noblesses who rule the area with total impunity and concept art that features more medieval-looking armor.

High Isle will feature a new mini-game called Tales of Tribute, a collectible resource-building card game. This card game can be played within Elder Scrolls Online via a new UI feature that allows you to challenge players and NPCs in the game. Tales of Tribute will feature a ranked competitive mode and ladder. New cards can be obtained via exploration, completing new Tales of Tribute card quests, and winning in ranked. In addition to cards, you can earn materials, transmutation, and housing items.

Image via Zenimax

The expansion will add two new companions to the game, a Khajiit named Ember and a Breton named Isobel. Ember is a roguish-type character, while Isabelle is knight-in-training. You can add these companions to your party by completing their associated quests. In addition, new world events will be featured throughout High Isle in the form of Volcano Vents. These will function similarly to the Geysers in Summerset.

The first DLC will be the Ascending Tide DLC, launching March 14th on PC and March 29th on Xbox and Playstation. Ascending Tide will feature stories that introduce players to the Ascendant Order, a new force that is attempting to disrupt peace talks between the three alliances.

This is a developing news story and will be updated with new information as it releases.