New Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art Debuted at 30th Final Fantasy Anniversary


The Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for the PS4. And Square Enix, at their 30th Final Fantasy Anniversary, “Farewell Stories”, debuted a few concept artworks which belonged to Final Fantasy VII remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art

The concept art is the “Words Aerith Left Behind” exhibit, in which the Sector-5 Church of FF VII is remade. The exhibition will be open, starting from 22nd January to 28th February. The press had an early look at the exhibition which made the publishing of the concept art online early.

The game has been in development for a very long time and so this time around the expectations of fans from Square Enix are high, they are expecting that the publisher will reveal a lot more gameplay footage and announce the release date of FFVII Remake Episode 1 Remake at this year’s E3.

We haven’t heard anything official from Square Enix in this regards, with stake this high we expect them to remain silent for a few more months and surprise fans of the franchise with a big reveal at E3 2018 – they have already hinted about it a few months ago.

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