New Gameplay changes in Dead or Alive 5 revealed


On official Dead or Alive 5 Facebook Page, Team Ninja has released list of gameplay changes the development team made recently to the upcoming games.

Dead or Alive 5On Facebook, Team Ninja stated, “Advanced players might have already on the concept for the changes for DOA5, but allow me to explain it here. The concept for the changes is “focus on individuality, focus on versus.” So fights against other players should be a lot of fun. For DOA4, in order to keep character game balance, all of them use similar strategies for offense and defense. For DOA5, we’re giving each character an individual style for offense and defense, without breaking game balance of course.”

“For example, Hayabusa had his Izuna Otoshi (a.k.a. Izuna Drop) from both a throw and punch hold. But he also had a 10-frame P and a 8K with a 12-frame startup. That didn’t sit well with his opponents (especially grapplers). In the Alpha Demo, we focused on the Izuna Otoshi, since that is his signature move. We made him a character who is good with throws and holds, and pulled his strikes back a little. We also make the player read the fight better in order to pull off Izunas from holds and strikes. That way, we can keep Izunas strong, without dropping their damage. And all of that means Hayabusa is a more interesting character because his strength depends on the player’s skill itself. So this is the kind of thinking I’m applying the characters. Deciding a theme for each one, then adding and balancing based on that theme. And when this is finally done for all characters, it gonna be awesome!”

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Source: Dead or Alive Facebook Page