New Global Event “Ambush” in The Division Begins This Week

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The Division‘s next Global Event has been announced in Ubisoft’s latest State of the Game address. The event, entitled Ambush, will run from January 23rd to January 30th. The exact start and end time is 12:00:00 UTC on those particular days. As with all Global Events, this week-long activity will include special conditions to make life more difficult on agents, but also offer up some rewards that make your efforts worthwhile. Read on for what to expect.


While you can certainly watch the entire State of the Game stream we’ve embedded above, let’s talk about what truly matters: how the Ambush Global Event works, and what you need to do to get your hands on loot.


As with all Global Events, there is a playlist, a list of activities that qualify agents for Global Event Tokens, which in turn can be used to purchase Global Event Caches that may or may not contain the Classified Gear you’re after. For Ambush, the following missions make up this playlist:

  • Queens Tunnel
  • Times Square Power Relay
  • Broadway Emporium
  • Police Academy
  • Dragon’s Nest


While participating in these activities, agents will be affected by modifiers. These are designed to challenge the player and also entice them into a specific play style. For Ambush, it’s clear that the powers at be want agents to slow down and return to more of the tactical and cover-based strategies that make The Division so enticing. The modifiers are as follows:

  • Global Modifier: Ambush – Always active. Agents deal increased damage while stationary.
  • Activity Modifier: Covert Ambush – Ambush behavior, plus damage then health diminishes while moving.
  • Group Modifier: Strategic Ambush – Covert Ambush behavior, plus damage diminishes when close to allies.

Classified Gear Sets

The Classified Gear sets that are in the loot pool of caches for Ambush include the following:

  • Classified Alpha Bridge
  • Classified Fire Crest
  • Classified Hunter’s Faith
  • Classified Tactician’s Authority

Remember that Classified Gear items look very similar to their regular counterparts but sport a small folder icon in the image in your inventory. So keep your eyes open!

For more details on how Global Events work, be sure to visit our complete guide to Global Events in The Division. We can’t wait to get in some extra action this week!