New Metro, Saints Row Games In The Works


In May, we reported about 4A Games working on a new triple-A project under the THQ Nordic umbrella, as the company has recently acquired the Metro IP. Back in the days, we didn’t know what this game was about, considering it was only mentioned that it was going to be a big project in the vein of the previous works of the Ukrainian studio (now based in Malta).

Now, we have some more information about the title, as it has been confirmed, during the latest meeting with investors and analysts, it is indeed the next game in the Metro franchise. After Metro Exodus, which saw the developer go for a bigger title in a sandbox environment, it looked like the team could take some time to think where to lead the franchise.

It seems this won’t happen as development has already begun, and we could see the game release in around three years for next-generation systems.

Considering only a few months have passed since the release of Exodus, it’s quite sure that in terms of design things should not change that much from that kind of more open game, which has maybe shown that the franchise can be more in-depth and further monetized in comparison with more straightforward, linear first-person shooter.

It has also been confirmed that there’s a new Saints Row title in the making at Volition. The studio has tried to get away from the franchise with Agents of Mayhem slightly, but those efforts have not proved worthy as the game didn’t sell as expected.

So, it’s now back to its roots and probably will lead a reboot of sorts for the story, after so many chapters and perhaps a plot which has gone way too over the top (not that fans have not appreciated that, of course).