Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot To Start Filming In Australia Later This Year


James Wan is producing a new Mortal Kombat movie for Warner Brother Studios.

Until Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was release, the general census was that the 1995 film adaptation of Mortal Kombat is the best movie based on a video game. 1995’s Mortal Kombat isn’t an exceptionally well-made film, in fact, many argue it isn’t a good film at all, but it at least understood the property better than most other movies based on video games. The campiness of the original movie only adds to the charm.

There have been rumblings of a reboot for Mortal Kombat for years now. There was even a popular web series called Mortal Kombat Legacy that briefly premiered on YouTube for a few short, yet glorious years (seriously, what happened to that show?).

It seems like that Mortal Kombat reboot has finally gone into pre-production. The Premier of Australia, Steven Marshall, has announced that the new Mortal Kombat film will be filmed in Adelaide, Australia. The production of this upcoming Mortal Kombat film is expected to be the largest in Adelaide’s history.

The new Mortal Kombat film is expected to be a reboot, and James Wan is attached to produce. James Wan is a film director, who is known for directing entries in the Saw, Conjuring, and the Fast and Furious franchises. His most recent film, DC Comic’s Aquaman, made a billion dollars at the Global Box Office. First time director, Simon McQuoid, is attached to direct the Mortal Kombat film.

It’s ironic that Australia will be the place that Mortal Kombat will be shot, given the franchise’s history with the country. Australia would heavily censor, and even ban some of the games in the series. Maybe they have made up.

The upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot will be released by Warner Brothers Studios. No release date has been given at this moment.