New Nintendo Direct Rumored To Be Coming This September


According to a rumor, a new Nintendo Direct might be planned for September, to reveal games and updates on existing titles possibly.

The rumor comes from well-informed journalist Emily Rogers, who has been revealing Nintendo news correctly and much ahead of them being official over the last few years, and retweeted by an insider known as Sabi, who’s made a name thanks to 100% correct E3 2019 leaks.

“Hmm, Emily Rogers saying direct is next week. Could it be…?” Sebi said in a tweet, basically confirming that this new Nintendo Direct could be scheduled for September and coming with a rush of news about Nintendo Switch’s titles.

Of course, we can’t predict which games could be revealed at the event, but it is worth noting that a recent leak about Nintendo Switch involved Overwatch, that could be on its way very shortly after the Nintendo Direct.

That would be a news worth of an entire Mini Direct, similarly to what happened with the Dark Souls Remastered edition a few months ago, but should it happen we believe that even more news could be on their way. So, stay tuned for learning about them as soon as they are revealed.