New PlayStation 5 system update fixes PS4 game disc installation bug

The PS5’s most frustrating issue has been resolved.

New PlayStation 5 system update fixes PS4 game disc installation bug

Image via Sony

A new PlayStation 5 firmware update has fixed a bug that resulted in PS4 versions of games being automatically downloaded by mistake.

The 20.02-02.50.00 system update, which weighs in a 860mb, solves the issue that has plagued PS5 owners since its launch. A screenshot of the update, which has been uploaded to Imgur, confirms that Sony has fixed the problem.

The system update message reads: “The following issue was resolved: The PS4 version of the game was sometimes installed from the PS4 game disc even after upgrading the disc version of the PS4 game to the PS5 version.”

That message is reiterated on the official PS5 system software page on the PlayStation support website. The site’s explanation reads: “In rare cases, the PS4 version of a game would install from the disc after you upgraded to and installed the PS5 version. Now, when you insert the PS4 game disc, the PS4 version won’t install unexpectedly.”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was among the cross-gen games that suffered from the issue. Players could install PS5 versions of games onto their new hardware using PS4 game discs. However, whenever they booted up their console following that installation, the PS4 version would start to download each time, despite the PS5 edition already being present on the system. The problem led to SSD space being taken up by two versions of the same title, and Sony looks to have finally rectified the bug with this firmware update.

Sony’s latest PS5 update also improves system performance, and allows players to select and edit video clips using Share Factory Studio from their personal galleries.