New Poké Ball Plus Patent Has Been Registered By Nintendo In Japan


The website Game Onze discovered that Nintendo has registered a new patent in Japan. The new license is for a new Poké Ball Plus. In a quote from Game Onze, the purpose of the new Poké Ball Plus is to “properly organize the components of a spherical controller, to allow various operations using a game control; to improve the degree of freedom of a structure for the light emission of a controller, and provide a spherical control in which the components are properly arranged.”

Game Onze even shared images of this new Poké Ball Plus on their website, which we have below.

Poke Ball Plus New Patent

Poke Ball Plus New Patent

Poke Ball Plus New Patent via Game Onze

Poké Ball Plus is a hardware accessory that released with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Let’s Go, Eevee! The device functions the same as a Joy-Con controller for the Nintendo Switch, except it is in the shape of a Poké Ball. When you use the method to capture Pokémon in either Let’s Go games, it will light up and make noise.

You can also transfer your Pokémon from Let’s Go into your own Poké Ball Plus, and take them with you everywhere you go. By lightly shaking the device, you get to hear whatever Pokémon that you have inside. Every Poké Ball Plus came equipped with a Mew, an extremely rare Legendary Pokémon, which you can then transfer into your game file of Let’s Go.

Poké Ball Plus was popular among fans when it released. With the recent success of Pokémon Sword and Shield, it makes sense for Nintendo to make another. However, the patent doesn’t confirm anything at the moment. While there are sketches for a new Poké Ball, it doesn’t mean Nintendo intends to act on it and release a new one any time soon.