New Pokémon Revealed in Pokémon Sword and Pokemon Shield Direct


The Pokemon Direct took place early this morning, and during that 15-minute presentation, we were able to get a quick glimpse at some of the new creatures we’re going to see in Pokemon Shield’s and Pokemon Sword’s Galar region.

Here are the handful of new Pokemon we saw during the direct:

  • Wooloo
  • Gossifleur, and their evolution Eldegoss
  • Drednaw
  • Corviknight






The Pokemon direct did not offer too much information beyond showing their names and getting a brief idea of what their types could be. We know that Wooloo is the sheep Pokemon, and they’re one of the new normal-type Pokemon you can encounter. Gossifleur and Eldegoss are grass-based, as their direct connection plants is a dead giveaway. Drednaw is the bite Pokemon, and given its turtle-like shell, you can quickly distinguish it as a rock-type and water-type. The final new one we saw was Corviknight the raven Pokemon is a flying, dark bird, and it’s going to be a flying-type and a steel-type.

Gossifleur was the only one of these four to show off their evolution if they all have one.

This story is still developing, and we’ll be modifying it as we acquire new information.