New Pokémon Snap overview trailer shows off the tricks of the trade

How to influence Pokémon and take pictures.

New Pokemon Snap arrives on Nintendo Switch this April

Image via Nintendo

New Pokémon Snap is set to launch later this month, on April 30. The game takes the franchise’s classic gameplay from Nintendo 64 and updates it to modern audiences. Nintendo put out a new overview trailer that provides players with an excellent look at some of the many tools at your disposal for getting that perfect shot. Your toolkit has come a long way since 1999, though there are still some familiar elements for veteran players.

The Lental region is home to several different regions that you’ll need to explore. One of the biggest changes coming to the sequel is that you’ll be controlling the camera using tilt controls. This should give would-be photographers a much more life-like feel of picture taking.

Outside of your camera, you have several tools on hand. Fluffruit lures Pokémon into shots with its sweet taste. You can also use Illumina Orbs to hit Pokémon with the “Illumina Phenomenon,” resulting in some wild, new interactions. There are also the melody and scan functions, both of which give you even more ways to get Pokémon into your shot.

The scan function also lets you open up alternate paths if you use it in the correct location, giving the game even more replay value as you delve deep into each level. And, the more pictures you take, the more Pokémon you’ll see as leveling up will open even more paths.

New Pokémon Snap is setting itself up to be quite the package for Pokémon fans and photographers alike. The game looks to have quite the robust suite of picture-taking tools, making it something all kinds of players can get into.