New Rainbow Six: Siege operators Finka and Lion loadouts have been revealed


Rainbow Six: Siege’s first new operators since late last year were revealed yesterday. Finka and Lion are Rainbow’s resident biohazard specialists, and they’re equipped with nanobot technology and a big brother drone.

Shortly after their reveal, both Finka and Lion’s loadouts were also displayed on the official Siege website. It’s extremely uncommon for a pair of operators to not be split into attack and defense, but both of these chemical-fighting badasses will be attackers. They also both carry guns common to other operators in the game, unlike the South Korean operators released with Operation White Noise.


Image via Ubisoft

Finka’s backstory is tragic. She was born into a small Russian town in the shadow of the radiated Chernobyl, and like many children born in the surrounding radiation, she had a birth defect. Due to this disease, her muscles degenerated slowly until adulthood when, eventually, she lost feeling and control of her limbs and extremities.

After studying at a prominent Russian university to develop a fix for her disease, she now fights for Rainbow to help others do the same. She didn’t find a cure, but she forced her disease into remission, and that’s good enough for now.

She also has a history with several other operators. Her run-in with Kapkan resulted in the giant scar across her face, and she trains herself obsessively to fight off her disease with IQ and Valkyrie. Her guns are a mix of several other operators’ loadouts, plus the addition of the brand new Spear .308.

Image via Ubisoft

Her nanobot gadget is deployed into the bodies of all her allies prior to mission start, and she can activate them at any time to heal her allies a short amount and steady their aim. This is extremely useful for coordinated team pushes, but it probably won’t have as much of an effect lower down the ranked ladder.


Image via Ubisoft

Lion’s story, on the other hand, is less tragic and more relatable. He was a smart, well-to-do kid in a Catholic family of medical professionals. His path was laid out for him, but as many teenagers do, he rebelled. After partying and getting into enough trouble, his girlfriend became pregnant, and his family kicked him out of the house. At 18 years old and with nowhere else to go, he joined the French army.

Throughout his years in the army, he was reconnected to the Catholic faith and found purpose. He made amends with his family and sent money to his ex-girlfriend to support his son, who she didn’t want him to meet. After a long time fighting with the GIGN, Finka suggested he join the biohazard unit with her, and he agreed.

Just like Finka, Lion has run into many other Rainbow operatives, but he usually makes enemies out of them. Doc blames him for the death of a colleague, Thatcher once punched him in the face, and he’s viewed as lacking too much empathy.

Also akin to Finka, Lion’s loadout is similar to other operators, with the exception of the new V308 submachine gun. He deploys a flying drone, which, as an attacker, is very useful for spotting enemy movement and objectives. It’s also used to “control perimeters,” although Ubisoft didn’t elaborate on that front in the announcement.

Image via Ubisoft

Both Lion and Finka go live with Operation Chimera later this month.