New Resident Evil Game Test Invitations Extended To US Players


Last week, we reported about Capcom inviting Resident Evil ambassadors in Japan to test a brand new game in the survival horror franchise, a move which was found quite surprising if you consider that only a few months ago Resident Evil 2’s remake was released.

However, it doesn’t look like the process of making and releasing new Resident Evil games is stopping anytime soon, as Capcom has extended those invitations to players in the United States. The invitation is very similar to the Japanese, and very similarly it’s so secret you can’t even guess what it is about.

The letter mentions “a new game early development,” which requires “feedback” from the most passionate players in the Resident Evil community. The tests will be held in select locations and dates, with them being Los Angeles on September 20-21 and New York on September 23-24.

The more I look into this thing, the more I think it’s going to be a new multiplayer spin-off in the Resident Evil franchise. However, considering the last few games build with that type of gameplay in mind, such as Umbrella Corps, shivers go down my spine feeling true horror.

Trying to be more positive, we can also think of something like a mainline Resident Evil 8 game being crafted with a cooperative mode in the vein of Resident Evil 5 (slightly better) or a Resident Evil 3 remake where you can play with a friend in certain portions of the story. Or, whatever.

Capcom is going to be at the Gamescom Opening Night Live, so there’s a chance something gets announced in that occasion, whether it’s the invitation being extended to players in Europe or a teaser of what this project is going to be about.