New Space Marine 2 Trailer Showcases Explosive Gameplay and Open Beta Announcement

The new trailer shows off combat, visuals, and teases another enemy threat.


Image via Focus Entertainment

Warhammer 40k fans are chomping at the bit for the next video game offering, Space Marine 2. After more than ten years since the first game launched, fans are eager to see more of the upcoming shooter title, and the game’s publisher Focus Entertainment knows it.

Today, fans have been treated to both a new gameplay trailer and the announcement of an open beta, so fans can see the game in action and get prepared to try the game themselves before its release.

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The New Gameplay Perfectly Shows the Power and Might of the Space Marines

Image via Focus Entertainment

In the new trailer released today by Publisher Focus Entertainment, we are treated to a nine-minute showcase of the upcoming shooter, including all the blood, violence, and grimdark fantasy you could hope for from a Warhammer game.

The trailer starts with Titus; the character players will control, walking through an imperial-held stronghold, with plenty of panning shots of the environment, including massive structures, which capture the universe aesthetic to a tee.

After a few more moments of visual spectacular, the game’s alien adversary, the Tyranids, arrive and we get into combat, which looks to be a bloody good time for fans of the hobby. We see Titus blasting enemies away with bolters and plasma guns before getting in close and showing off the game’s visceral close combat. Here, we see dodging, counterattacks, destructive swings of the Chainsword, and some beautifully violent executions of the alien threat, and all capture the sense of power that a Space Marine wields.

Beyond that, we see more of the game’s combat, visuals, and some epic battlefield shots as it continues, with an extra little teaser at the end of the trailer showcasing a twisted realm, which in the accompanying blog post is revealed to be the Thousand Suns, who will make an appearance in the game.

Along with the trailer, the publisher has announced an open beta will be coming for the game, with players interested in trying the game encouraged to sign up for a Focus account to get access. Whether this is a snippet of the story or if it will be a multiplayer offering much like the previous games, we don’t know, but it will still be a chance for players to try the game.

Unfortunately, this trailer did not come with a release date, and the game is still set to launch in winter this year for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series, X/S.