New Spyro the Dragon merch line unveiled ahead of Reignited Trilogy release


The remastered Spyro the Dragon trilogy is just over a month away—and now Spyro fans have a new line of merchandise to look forward to, too. 

A bunch of cool stuff has gone on sale this morning from Numskull Designs, featuring everything from hats, to notebooks, to incense burners. Yep, incense burners.

Photo via Numskull Designs

It might look like like a fairly standard statue at first glance, but there’s more to this little dragon than meets the eye. The incense burner is hidden underneath, giving him smoke all around—and even out of his nose. That’s pretty cool. It even comes with incense cones in five colors, matching the colors of gems in the game. Ylang-ylang is the most valuable, apparently. 

There are 14 items as part of the initial merch line, with keyrings, wallets, purses, and t-shirts all up for pre-order right now. 

Photo via Numskull Designs

While some of it might be too big a statement for some fans, this pin set would look great on any nerd shelf. There’s 12 pins in there from all three games, including all three bosses, Spyro, and Sparx. You can wear them, but if you don’t want to they come in a neat display box modeled on the first game’s gem chests.

A lot of the merch is centered around the new Spyro pose first unveiled back in April when. His face is on purses, bottle openers, wallets, and snapbacks. 

Everything is available to pre-order right now from The items are expected to ship Sept. 21—the same day that the Reignited Trilogy arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.