New Star Games announces Retro Goal, a 16-bit arcade soccer management game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Build the perfect team to claim victory.

Image via New Star Games

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New Star Games, the development team behind Retro Bowl and New Star Soccer, has announced that their 16-bit soccer game, Retro Goal, is coming to the Nintendo Switch later in November. The game is a love letter to other 16-bit football games, and the team has been trying to capture the 90s feel of a video game and bring it to a modern format. The game has already been out for smartphone devices for over a year.

Retro Goal will feature a mixture of arcade soccer gameplay and team management, although much more simplified when compared to some of the more complicated ones, like the Football Manager series.

Players will have the chance to pick from over 496 playable teams in the game, covering 24 leagues featured worldwide. Those in control will select the players they want to join their team, creating a curated format of important teammates, and then use them on the soccer field, taking them to victory.

The management will have players controlling the overall tactics of their team. While creating a team, players will need to assess their players and determine who they want to recruit, taking into account speed, agility, reflexes, handling, and the player’s overall condition. These all blend to create an outstanding team before jumping onto the field.

Retro Goal was initially released to smartphone devices in June 2021. However, eager players who want to try it out before purchasing it for their Nintendo Switch can download it to their phone and play the first 10 matches for free. Retro Goal will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later in November.