New Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League art details the next batch of expendable team members

Get a good look at Harley, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark.

Image via Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the next game from Rocksteady Studios, which brought us the beloved Batman: Arkham games. This time we’ll be in control of some infamous DC villains, and we just got a very detailed look at the squad. Rocksteady team members have been sharing some high-resolution pics on Twitter.

First up is Harley Quinn, as tweeted by associate producer Holly Gordon. The weapons you’d expect to see are all there – she’s wielding a barbed wire-wrapped bat and a powerful pistol, which is coated in that signature blue-and-red color scheme. She also rocks a tube top with a fitting “Harley the Queen” message.

Next up, we have Deadshot, shared by marketing game manager Gaz Deaves. You can check out the sharp red sniper rifle that you’ll be firing during the game. Deadshot is the man that never misses, and the look he has in this art is probably the same he’d give you if you do happen to miss your target. You may also notice he looks different from the Deadshot we saw in Arkham City. The rumor is that this is the true Deadshot, who killed the imposter we saw previously.

After that, we have Captain Boomerang, whose picture was tweeted by sound designer Elly Johnson. Boomerang rocks his signature beanie and mutton chops, and he, of course, wields one of this many deadly boomerangs too. This one looks particularly painful, with its metal makeup and sharp edges. The captain also carries a shotgun if the boomerang fails to return to him for some reason.

Lastly, moving from a captain to a king, we have King Shark. Advanced VF artist Hanno Hinkelbein shared this one, which features a very stern, very buff-looking take on the aquatic villain. King Shark might not have a crown, but he does have a very big knife. That’ll surely come in handy for his battles across Suicide Squad’s open-world Metropolis.

After all that, you might be wondering about the release date for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. While there is no specific launch day at this time, we do know it’s coming in 2022. The co-op action game will be playable on PS5, Series X/S, and PC.