New Super Mario Bros. DS lives on with this insane 80-level fan sequel

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New Super Mario Bros. DS was one of the best entries in the Mario handheld series in some time. It obviously struck a chord with fans, because one talented group has designed a brand-new sequel to the game, complete with 80 stages, eight maps, and a mixture of both new and original assets. It’s called Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

This impressive fan project features a new soundtrack, new game mechanics, and even a gorgeous launch trailer that wouldn’t look out of place on TV with the official Nintendo badging all over it. Created via the New Super Mario Bros. Editor (NSMBe), fans made their own series of platformer levels that look nearly indistinguishable from their official counterparts. Because the game was created with the community-made editor, you must use an emulator to play this fan project, which was spawned in the form of a ROM that’s compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux. 

While typically Nintendo doesn’t respond in a positive manner to these types of fan projects and almost always requests that they be taken down, it’s still an impressive testament to what fans can do when they use their own tools and creativity to harness their love for a certain series and their desire to see more from it.

If you’re interested in checking out the game, it’s available here. Just make sure you understand the potential legal ramifications that come along with using emulators and ROMs before downloading.