New Pokemon Sword and Shield gameplay revealed by the games director

In an update video on YouTube, Shigeru Ohmori from Games Freak had a message for fans. Unable to be at Gamescom 2019 due to being busy with the development of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Not wanting to leave fans empty-handed Ohmori, the director of the game has shown some scenes from a town in the Galar region. Demonstrating the new aesthetics found in this new area, including a fresh look for the well-known Pokemon Centres.

A new feature is railway stations. They are a new means of traveling and can be found all over the region. Previous games required the player to find either a bike or tech their various Pokemon techniques to unlock a new way to get around, be it fly or surf.

pokemon railway station

Another way of getting around is the flying service. It is provided by the Corviknight, a flying Pokemon native to the Galar region.

Boutiques can be found in various locations, offering different fashion options to dress the protagonist.

In this new town, the Pokemon research centre can be found. As with all Pokemon games, the professor found there will have a key focal

area. Galar’s professor is Magnolia, and she researches the Dynamax phenomenon.

Pokemon centers found in the region of Sword and Shield will not be the same as the other regions in previous titles. The new design is still distinctive enough to stand out within the cities; series veterans will instantly recognize these buildings despite any differences.

a pokemon centre in pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launches on Nintendo Switch on November 15th.