New The Sims 4 Update Glitch Has Babysitter Determined to Watch Your Nonexistent Kids

Due to a new glitch, overeager NPC in The Sims 4 really wants to watch your infants, even if you don’t have any

The Sims 4 Infant Childcare

Screenshot via Gamepur

As longtime Sims fans know, in-game glitches are like hydras. For every one fixed by a new update, three more emerge. They range from the hilariously bizarre to the downright infuriating, and fans have created a host of mods to help remedy the trickier ones.

This latest official update from EA was intended to fix a few longstanding glitches in The Sims 4, including problems where vegetarian Sims left to their own devices would grab meaty leftovers that then left them feeling devastated. Of course, some unexpected consequences arose as well, and Sims 4 players are now reporting that a certain babysitter for hire won’t stop calling them.

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Eleanor Sullivan Really Wants to Watch Your Kids- Even From Beyond the Grave

Eleanor Sullivan, a character introduced in the Growing Together DLC, has begun calling all Sims all the time, offering her childcare services. The problem? She’ll call you even if you have no child Sims in your household, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. In fact, as one Reddit poster discover, she’ll even keep calling you from beyond the grave.

In The Sims 4, it’s not unheard of to get calls from ghost Sims, as Lt_GeneralMills discovered when the ghostly version of determined childcare entreprenuer Eleanor Sullivan gave them a call. This confirms that the glitch where Eleanor calls your household multiple times a day isn’t resolved even if she dies in your version of the game. Sad news for anyone who planned on luring her into the pool and deleting the ladder to stop her from calling.

As other Reddit users note, Eleanor’s enthusiastic business tactics are a widespread irritation in the game. One commenter points out “Man, she is really eager to take care of babies.” So eager that even being a ghost won’t stop her, it seems. Other Sims fans note that Eleanor has died on the job in more than one game, showing up to care for infants (real or imaginary) only to die in the Sims’ house a few minutes into the job. So even if you do have infants who need some childcare, the current iteration of Eleanor may not be the best woman for the job, even if she is the most enthuastic applicant.

Hopefully, EA will be able to find a solve for these repetitive phone calls soon, especially for those of us who are just trying to enjoy the Home Chef Hustle pack in peace, sans any children for Eleanor to care for.