New Xbox Avatars Debut In A Microsoft Developers Day Presentation, Looks More Detailed


New Xbox Avatars have popped up during a recent presentation at Microsoft Developers Day, opening a montage about the upcoming news in the platform holders’ pipeline for Windows and consoles.

As you can see from the picture below, the new Avatars appear to be much more detailed in comparison with the original ones, something we already knew was going to happen to be more in line with Xbox One X and the need of a more realistic representation of gamers.

New Xbox Avatars Showed At Microsoft Developer Day Presentation

And indeed, Avatars shown in the video look much more detailed, both in terms of polygons count and in customizable details. We’re told that the skin tone will be changeable, together with the limbs, hair color, accessories and more.

From the looks of it, Microsoft is going all in with the Avatars and making it possible to change basically anything on top of the default visual offering is going to play a huge role in this process.

Xbox Avatars - Microsoft Developer Day Presentation

The release of the new Avatar was originally fixed at the end of last year, and then was delayed up until Spring 2018, so it’s pretty close now. Most probably, they’ll be the biggest thing to come with the new and upcoming Xbox One’s firmware update.