New Xbox Series X details and specifications revealed

It will feature a 1TB SSD and a new architecture to help power games.

Xbox Series X Processor

Microsoft has revealed a number of details about their upcoming next-generation Xbox Series X, with a post that confirms the specifications of the new system while reaffirming what the system is capable of.

In a blog post on the official Xbox website, along with videos from gaming technology experts Austin Evans and Digital Foundry, Microsoft highlighted the capabilities of the new system, with details of what’s inside the machine. It used examples with Gears of War as a showcase in the difference of power and fidelity, with striking results.

One of the biggest highlights in the article is the introduction of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which Microsoft describes as “tight integration between hardware and software and is a revolutionary new architecture optimized for streaming of in-game assets.” It effectively allows for 100GB of game assets to be accessed by a game developer immediately, which may not necessarily mean much in small, linear games, but allows open worlds to bring in assets for the game at a much faster pace, allowing for bigger, more vibrant worlds at longer draw distances. 

This also works together with a massive 1TB SSD that will already provide a huge boost to loading times when in-game.

Microsoft also confirmed again that accessories and even saves will be able to be taken over from the Xbox One to the new Series X. 

The specifications for the new system, which include 16GB of RAM and a slot for expandable storage, are shown below with a comparison to the previous generation of Xbox. 

Xbox Specifications list.
Image via Digital Foundry

Most of the information presented are details that have been announced already, but the hands-on approach for Evans and Digital Foundry means that fans can get a real perspective of the new system as it draws ever closer to release.

Now, the ball is in Sony’s court for a similar PlayStation 5 reveal.