Grezzo Working On New Zelda Game For 3DS, Inspired Heavily by Link’s Awakening, Reveal Very Soon


New Zelda game rumored to be coming on Nintendo 3DS, yet there is no clear info when is the release. Nintendo has officially not given any indication about a Zelda remake for 3DS, the news comes out through some twitter feed by industry insiders. We had shared the same below, talking about this new Zelda leak, it looks we will be able to see a something new in Zelda series if it is really planned for 3DS.

Zelda 3DS Rumor

Marcus Stellars, an industry insider had shared a tweet on this Zelda 3DS game. According to the shared tweet, there is a new 3DS Zelda game which is an enhanced remake of Links Awakening that was released in 1993. The tweet reveals the team behind making this title possible is Grezzo who had development games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. Ever Oasis is the most recent games by the team for 3DS console.

Another insiders tweet also talks about the Link Awakening for 3DS but does not reveal much. It is possible the rumors can be true, but without having any confirmation from Nintendo this cannot be concluded as a final update about this upcoming game.

We will update you more on the title yet there is no clear updates about Link’s Awakening for 3DS.