The next big PlayStation 5 event could happen at PAX Online

Could PAX hold the last few answers fans are searching for?

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We know, it’s a headache to hear the number of out-of-left-field rumors about Sony’s next possible PlayStation 5-focused event that keep popping up. However, there’s finally some credible evidence for when the console maker may finally make their next move.

On PAX’s website, the schedule of events for next week’s PAX online has been posted and Sony is noted to make an appearance — in a secretive manner. When going through the collection of the September 18 events, a “Sony Holder” is listed at the very bottom. Question the weight of validity that it’s about the PS5, but it’s the only one listed on the day that doesn’t have a specific name or description.

As it’s so mysterious, this could lead some to believe that this undisclosed event could be the reveal of the price and release date of the next-gen system – or, maybe Sackboy: A Big Adventure just needs more screen time. Either way, being a placeholder, the date and time are subject to change, but it, as a whole, is definitely not a mistake.