Next Dragon Age Has “People Figuring Out” How It Will Look Like, Says BioWare

Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson has provided, during a recent interview with Game Informer, a few more details about what is going on with the Dragon Age series, which could make a comeback anytime soon.

Hudson has confirmed that at this stage there is someone at the studio who is currently working on the next Dragon Age iteration, although it is a bit early to start talking about that since Anthem is being developed and about to drop.

Bioware Figuring Out How Next Dragon Age Will Look

“[BioWare] do have people figuring out what the next Dragon Age will look like,” Hudson said, without offering any more clarification. We know that producer Mark Darrah is also handling the team figuring those things out in the wait for more news.

“It is amazing to have new IP that you’ve developed and that you own because that’s part of the fun for us: having created Mass Effect, Dragon Age and now Anthem,” he added. “These are worlds that we can think of many years in advance about where we want to take the franchise, the story, and things like that.”

So, with Anthem releasing on February 22, 2019, it’s clear that the next few months will be entirely focused on it, but then at the E3 next year there’s finally a chance to see the fourth Dragon Age game revealed. Last time we heard about it, it was being built at a “skeleton crew”.