Everything we know about The Boomsday Project, Hearthstone’s next expansion


After a ton of anticipation and even an early leak, we now know what Hearthstone‘s next expansion will be—it’s The Boomsday Project.

The expansion was revealed this week after the trailer video was discovered a few hours early. The expansion will revisit some familiar themes from the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.

There isn’t long to wait to get your hands on it either. It’s the second set in the Year of the Raven after April’s The Witchwood set.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming expansion.

When will the expansion be released?

The expansion release has been confirmed for Aug. 7.

What new cards are part of the set?

All of the cards from tyhe set have now been revealed. You can see them all here.

When and where were cards be revealed?

Cards began being revealed July 23. There was be an official livestream where Blizzard figures will unveil even more cards. On the same day, streamers, pros, and community sites began their card reveals too.

Is there a pre-order?

As usual, there is a pre-order bundle of 50 packs available for $49.99. This time, there’s also an 80-pack bundle for $79.99. This is the best price packs are usually available at, outside of other bundles like the limited-time mammoth bundle. For more details on the pre-orders, check out our guide here.

Are there any free cards or packs?

When the expansion launches, logging in will net you three free packs and a random class legendary for a limited time.

Does the expansion have new single player content?

Like all recent expansions, The Boomsday Project will have a single player campaign. The new mode is called The Puzzle Lab and it’s very different to previous PvE content. Check out our guide to the new mode here.

Are there any new legendary Hero cards this time?

The release announcement video included a tease for a Warrior Hero card that turned out to be Dr Boom. No other class is getting a Hero card.

Does the set have new keywords in it?

Just one this time, Magnetic. Magnetic minions can be played as standalone cards, or as buff cards to existing Mech tribal cards.