Next Playground Games Xbox Exclusive Still Requiring “A Long Time”


Long story short: Playground Games has built a second team to work on an open world action RPG for Xbox One and Windows 10, which is rumored to be a Fable reboot.

Many were expecting the game to be revealed at X018, but it’s apparently taking a bit longer before we can discover what it actually looks like.

“The second studio is growing, it is I think reveling in the fact no one knows who they are, no one is looking at what they’re doing,” PG boss Ralph Fulton said in an interview.

“They’re just bonding as a team and they’re doing some great stuff already, but it’ll be a long time before we talk about what they’re doing, and I think they’re enjoying that ability at the moment.”

At this point, in case this gets confirmed, it’s possible that the game will be a next-generation only affair and won’t be involving Xbox One at all.

We weren’t expecting anything different, honestly, but times could’ve been shorter in case there was a teaser at X018 this Sunday.

It looks like it isn’t the case, anyway, and we’ll be required to still be a bit patient. Are you ok with this long wait?

Next Playground Games Xbox Exclusive Still Requiring "A Long Time"