NHL 22 beta codes released as closed technical test begins

It’s time.

Image from EA Sports

EA Sports is currently in the midst of beta testing FIFA 22 prior to its October release, and the development team is adding one more title to that category. NHL 22 beta codes are now rolling out, as EA Vancouver begins preparations for the franchise’s first foray into the next generation.

Gamepur can confirm that codes for NHL 22 are now going out to individuals who signed up for the test. This test has been set up by EA to stress test the servers prior to NHL’s mid-October release. Sign-up for the beta began in early August, with a target release date set for later this month.

This beta, which EA refers to as a closed technical test, will not have all the features of NHL 22. The only game mode that will be in the NHL 22 closed beta is World of CHEL, which should not be too much of a shock given that it’s the only one that NHL developer EA Vancouver has showcased as of this date.

Individuals who are selected for the closed beta will be able to participate in Pro-Am, Ones Eliminator, Threes Eliminator, EASHL Drop-Ins (3v3 and 6v6), and EASHL Clubs (3v3 and 6v6).

Those who are selected for the beta can give feedback on the gameplay via the EA Closed Technical Test forums. Also, keep in mind that no videos or images are allowed to be shared via social media. Individuals who do so may face penalties and/or bans from EA.