Niantic has announced a new virtual pet game called Peridot

The Pokémon Go developers have new game lined up.

Screenshot via Niantic/GameSpot

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Pokémon Go developers Niantic released the first trailer for its upcoming new game called Peridot. The teaser announcement was released via Peridot’s official YouTube channel that launched with the announcement. The game is described as being a new pet game where players can raise and breed one-of-a-kind creatures that can follow them in the real world. It is not unlike Pokémon, which makes sense considering Niantic did something similar in Pokémon Go with the use of cameras.

Players can pre-register the game now to stay up-to-date with the development. The trailer shows a lot of real-world footage, with people and animals interacting with unique-looking creatures called Peridots. The creatures look entirely original — nothing like Pokémon. There are also strange symbols that show up everywhere in the trailer, though we aren’t yet sure what they mean.

Players can pet, play, and feed their own Peridots to help them grow. Peridots will walk beside players as they walk around in the real world. Players can interact with one another to help breed their Peridots and help expand the species. They’ll also be able to take pictures and videos with their Peridots.

No launch date was given for Peridot. Niantic writes that when the game does launch, it will only be available in limited markets for beta testing. Pre-registering will allow players to be notified when they can sign up for the beta test. Niantic does intend to have a wider launch for Peridots after the beta testing period.