Nidus Prime arrives in Warframe on September 8, just in time for Operation: Plague Star

The heart of the swarm.

Image via Digital Extremes

Nidus Prime, the very heart of the Infested swarm, will be arriving in Warframe on September 8. What is easily one of the most anticipated Prime releases of all time will soon be here, making a lot more players in the game close to unkillable.

Nidus uses incredible crowd control, toughness, and an impressive ability to dodge death to survive even the roughest of challenges that Warframe can throw at you. As always, the upcoming Warframe will be available to farm from Relics in the game for free.

Players who don’t want to play the waiting game can grab the Nidus Prime Access, giving them instant access to not just Nidus Prime but also the Strun Prime and Magnus Prime as well. The Nidus Prime Access Pack also comes with a special Glyph and 2625 Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency.

Anyone who is looking to add to their fashion game can also grab the new Prime Access Accessories Pack that will contain 1365 Platinum, the Nidus Prime Syandana, Necramech Universal Skin, Infested Landing Craft Decos, and 90 Day Resource & Affinity Boosters.

All this means that Nidus Prime is in the game just in time for one of Warframe’s best events, Operation: Plague Star. During the event, massive Infested will attack the Plains of Eidolon, and players will get the chance to earn Plague parts for their modular weapons, some of the very best items in the game.

This Plague Star will also see the release of a new weapon, the Ghoul Saw. This is something that players have wanted for a long time, and they will finally be able to head into battle armed with an enormous saw to slice and dice their enemies. Make sure you jump into the game and snap up all the rewards you can get your hands on because the Plague Star event doesn’t come around often.