Ninja Partners with Adidas


Top Fortnite streamer and player partners with Adidas.

Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, professional Fortnite player and streamer, is climbing the ranks outside of the battle royale arenas. Ninja announced his newest partnership with sportswear brand and manufacturer Adidas. This partnership marks a bold move by Adidas to venture into the esports industry, potentially recognizing the industry as equally viable as physical sports.

Ninja posted about his partnership on Twitter with a video. The video emphasized the importance of creators, recognizing multiple forms of creation, and spotlighting Adidas’ dedication to uplifting creators and their content.

Adidas’ Twitter responded in kind, welcoming Ninja to the family.

Adidas is known to partner with top athletes, making this a new step for the sportswear brand. Top sports brands are still hesitant to recognize esports along the same lines as typical, traditional sports. This could be the first step in a long-range of sponsorships from other brands and for other top streamers and esports champions.

Beginning with Ninja is a natural step, as he is already well established in both the streaming and esports worlds for his Fortnite gameplay. Earlier this summer, Ninja made headlines for abruptly leaving Twitch for the streaming website’s rival, Mixer. In addition to his new streaming location, he also has a couple of books coming out later this year.