Streamer Ninja’s Book Deal with Random House


Streaming can provide a decent living for someone. If a streamer gets big enough, wealth and fame await them when they make it. Now, this includes book deals and Twitch’s top streamer, Ninja, has begun the process of doing that.

As reported by eSports Observer, Ninja, Tyler Blevins, will author three books under two of Random House’s imprints.

Ninja has quite the credentials. His Twitch channel boasts over 14 million followers and, according to Twitch Metrics, he is Twitch’s most popular streamer. The second most popular streamer, Shroud, has less than half the amount of followers in comparison. Ninja’s primary game, Fortnite, is equally famous as it is the number one watched game on Twitch with over 150 thousand viewing at any given time. Perhaps it’s not surprising given Ninja’s popularity he’s going to be the first author to write about Twitch.

Book cover for Ninja's upcoming book: Ninja: Get Good and the Ninja Notebook

There are three books in the works, although one could make a case for him only to write two as one is a notebook published in tandem with the guide. The first is Ninja: Get Good, pictured above from the same source. The book is going to serve as a guide to assist streamers who have just begun their journey.

The other book, Ninja: Get Good, is advice that “Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins wishes he knew before he got serious about gaming,” according to the publisher’s synopsis. It’s going to have loads of information about streaming, such as which gaming computer to pick out, to how someone makes it streaming full time. The notebook, Ninja Notebook, will publish at the same time and is designed to serve as the ultimate gamer’s journal, complete with stickers. Other than the notebook, the guide might be a helpful feature for budding or ambitious streamers. It is currently available for preorder from Random House’s website and will be released August 20, 2019.

The second publication is not a guide. It’s a graphic novel, called Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game, and it’s going to feature Ninja as the main character, a pro gamer that gets transported into the battle royale game, that is probably heavily influenced by Fortnite.

It is hard to take this synopsis seriously. The description reads as a self-insert fanfiction that slipped its way past publishers. If 50 Shades of Grey can do it, I suppose this Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game can as well. As it is a graphic novel, some credit must go to the artist, Felipe MagaƱa. While the synopsis is a stretch, the art will be stunning. The book is also available for preorder and set to release December 3, 2019.

Both books and the notebook will be available later this year. Not the best of literature out there, the graphic novel will probably still be a hit with Fortnite and Ninja fans alike, while the guide will likely be the more useful of the two.

The image above found via Ninja’s official Facebook page.