The Trailer For Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge Has Leaked Online


The games industry has been a leaky ship this week, and Ninja Theory is the latest dev team to realize that they have a hole in their boat. The trailer for Bleeding Edge, their upcoming game that was supposed to be revealed on stage at the Microsoft press conference, has been leaked online.

You can watch the trailer here, although the quality is not the best as it was recorded on someone’s phone. Bleeding Edge will be a 4v4, multiplayer brawler game. The trailer features a whole host of characters armed with all kinds of weapons. There also appear to be environmental hazards in the arena like spaces that you brawl in.

Microsoft bought ninja Theory, a move which was announced at last years E3, so it is safe to assume the game will be coming to Xbox One and PC only. At the end of the trailer, we also get some information about a technical alpha, which will begin on June 27th.

It has been a big week for leaks, as the industry gears up to get into Expo mode at E3 2019. Stadia and Bungie both had to deal with some major leaks before their announcements yesterday. I’m actually hoping they will stop over the next week, as E3 is just more exciting when you learn about new games from their planned announcements.

As for Bleeding Edge, I have to say I am interested. I like brawlers, especially with friends, and tend to enjoy my time with them. Whether Bleeding Edge turns out to be something I end up playing a lot of, only time will tell.