Ninjala Open Beta “is currently not accessible” as the game hits more snags in the Americas

Ninjala is once again seeing issues in its beta.

Update: The Ninjala Twitter has responded to American players having issues accessing the beta. They have given words of encouragement to keep trying to connect to the game’s servers and a reminder that this beta runs for much longer than the previous one.

Original story

It appears that Ninjala is once again having server issues with the second beta test run. As revealed by the official Ninjala Twitter, the game’s test servers should be running fine, but the next string of players are having issues getting into the game.

People in the Americas were supposed to start the open beta and give the game a try at noon pacific time, but a vast majority of players are met with the same message as in the below tweet.

This is especially disappointing for American players considering that the European betas have just ended, and our staff on that side of the water reported absolutely no issues with the beta. This is not the first time Ninjala has run into issues with their betas. The first test run was held on April 28th for only a couple hours, and loads of people reported having issues getting into the game because of network stability.

While it is good for a game to have its bugs worked out before it actually releases, issues like this still can give a sour taste in gamer’s mouths for the upcoming release. However, as stated above, our European players had no issues with the beta, so hopefully, the American servers will be fixed soon, and everything will be smooth sailing until the game’s release.