Ninjala season 2 content and DLC revealed – New events, weapon, stage, anime

A new stage and the Crow Tengu bundle are on the way.

GungHO Online Entertainment announced season 2 content and the first DLC for Ninjala this morning. The game will be getting a week of events starting July 21 in anticipation of the new season starting on Aug. 26.

The new DLC, called the Crow Tengu bundle, will include items themed after the Japanese demon of the same name. The bundle will include a special costume, emote, a new sticker, a possessed crow, and 2,000 Jala. The bundle was released on July 21 for $29.99 USD

Players will be able to participate in special events called the IPPON Matsuri Festival, running from July 21 to 26. During the festival, players will be able to score IPPONs during events and receive rewards based on how many IPPONs they have earned.

Along with the in-game events, GungHO is also running a Twitter campaign where 100 users will be selected to receive 1,000 Jala for retweeting tweets tagged with #IPPON_MATSURI from the official @PlayNinjala Twitter account. If 10 million players participate in these events GungHo will be giving 30 gold medals to the entire player base.

The developers announced that the new season will include a new weapon class for players to use. The new class called the Board will feature entirely new Gum Ninjutsu, abilities, and specials for players to use. A new stage called Shinobi City will also be released. The new stage is designed to explore the origin of the Shinobi characters. The new stage will include hot springs that players can use to recover their health and increase their Shinobi Gauge.

Aside from these updates and releases for the game itself, a new episode of the Ninjala cartoon anime will be released on July 29. The new episode will focus on the character of Lucy. The developers have promised more information about the episode and the new season will be released on the Ninjala YouTube channel as we approach the Aug. 26 release date.