Ninjala servers down in less than an hour on release day

Error codes plague the fans on day one.

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The new bubblegum-ninja themed game struggled with its own popularity. Ninjala servers came to a sudden halt thanks to the surge of excited players. The game had a similar issue during the first beta test in April. After less than an hour, servers buckled under the weight of all the players eagerly trying to access the game. The same thing happened just 30 minutes into the full release.

Error codes plagued players as they tried to hop into a quick game. Most players make it past the tutorial and into the main menu selection to find they’re unable to join any other game mode. Others get stuck on a loading screen as the game attempts to boot up. One player on Twitter can’t even access the story mode without getting a code.

On Ninjala’s official Twitter, the developers responded to the issues, stating it is a result of network instability. While they haven’t said it is the result of the surge of players the network is trying to endure, it is likely the cause.

It’s a familiar problem for beta players. The game crashed under the weight of eager players in the early beta, forcing the developers to extend the beta’s limited window to compensate for the issues. Developers underestimate the popularity of their game, and the servers suffer; as a result, further delaying gameplay.

Ninjala developers updated with additional information. The connectivity issues stem from the Room Battle feature. Developers advise players to avoid entering a Room Battle until it is resolved.