Celebrate Mario Day in Animal Crossing with Nintendo’s Mushroom Kingdom island

Hurry to Nintendo’s own Mario-inspired getaway location.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo certainly hasn’t been afraid to celebrate Mario’s 35th birthday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with a plethora of new Mario-themed items recently coming to the world-builder in result. This time, in honor of March 10’s Mario Day, the video game creator has gone as far as reimagining its dedicated Dream Island to be in the vein of Mushroom Kingdom.

Although the island is celebrating just one day, it is expected to stay intact until at least March 24 — as its My Nintendo Mission expires on this day. To tour the island, New Horizon users will need to speak to Luna and then enter the following Dream Address code: 6382-1459-4417.

As for what’s tucked in between its shorelines, Nintendo’s official island is now bombarded with references to several Super Mario levels and even includes one interactive obstacle that ends with an explosion of confetti. Of course, there is also a Mario-themed home packed with every item based off of the famous game character.

Even though St. Patrick’s Day will undoubtedly be celebrated in the Switch exclusive, players have surely found themselves very busy with the latest Mario crossover. For instance, the iconic warp pipes seem to be all the rage, which ultimately allow island owners to teleport wherever they please.

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