Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Rumored To Be 45-Minutes Long


As we approach E3 2019, more and more rumors pop up on the Internet. While there is someone we knew would’ve suffered leaks, and we’re all looking at you Ubisoft, some other companies usually manage to keep things secret until the very end.

Nintendo has had leaks in the past but has a good tradition when it comes to keeping the secret until the E3 Nintendo Direct shows up, and this year it seems like we’re not getting our fair share of rumors and leaks or at least we’ve not got any of that until now.

While we wait for more leaks to come, a rumor is around that the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct will be very lengthy: it should take 45 minutes before we see the end of it, as shared by Twitter user PeekyBird! a few minutes ago.

“Nintendo Direct E3 2019 runtime is expected to be around 45 minutes,” he said, and interestingly another insider, Liam Robertson, has commented his tweet claiming that perhaps it is a bit too early to have such information.

He responded that “That’s [sic] why I said expected. We’re expecting something around 45 minutes.” So, it’s not very clear whether he has some information on the topic or he just pointed out that, based on previous experiences of sorts, that should be the runtime.

Anyway, this is the first possible piece of information about the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, so we’ll grab it and then we’ll see what happens. Here you can check our predictions for the event, and remember that a Pokémon Direct is coming on June 5, 2019 with more information about Sword and Shield.