Insider: Major Nintendo Direct Happening In Mid-February 2018


According to the Twitter user Pablo Suarez, there is a new Nintendo Direct coming this February 2018, and he also revealed the reason behind why we got a Nintendo Direct Mini in the mid-January 2018.

Nintendo Direct February 2018 Leaked

The major, full-fledged Direct was planned for January however, due to the release of the 5.0 update and online feature additions the Direct was delayed to somewhere in February, between 12th to 15th and that is the reason we got a Direct Mini in January, he says.

He further adds that the two sources he got the news from are verified too. The Reddit users are not very keen on this idea of a major Direct, one can tell if they see the comments and nothing much is known about the source of the rumor as well. So all we can do is take this rumor lightly and wait for any kind of confirmation from a trusted source or an official announcement.

In mid-January 2018, Nintendo surprised everyone with a Nintendo Direct Mini where they revealed some brand new games for Nintendo Switch – you can check out the full list of New Announcements in our coverage: 14 Big Announcements That Were Made At Nintendo Direct Mini January 2018.